The Remote CTO
Build Better Teams Than In-Person Ones.. With Less Drama


About you

Hiring local talent is hard and expensive. About you:

  • You want the best and brightest to work with you

  • You aren’t getting the results you want from your existing team members

  • Maybe you’ve tried hiring remote developers before and have been burned for any number of reasons

  • You are able to fund building your vision but you want the best value

You’ve heard incredible things about hiring remote teams but you have no idea how to get started and do it successfully.

I can help.


About Me

I’ve worked from home for a decade while building and managing engineering teams of a dozen or more people.

The teams I build have always outperform teams of colocated developers and cost the same or less.

I’ve got the street cred:

  • Quickjack Solutions (My Consultancy)- Built 15 web, mobile and machine learning products for clients around the world. Our team of 9 design/development spanned 6 timezones and we would release the first version of each product within 2 weeks from the start of development.

  • - CTO - Managing a team of 13 data scientists, data managers and engineers remotely who worked all over the world.

  • - Product/Tech/Marketing, Co-Founder - I designed the most advanced Canadian Will and Testament builder. Our team of 5 is entirely distributed.


What You’ll Learn

We will cover a lot of stuff together and every day is different. You’ll get free analysis and consulting in 3 minutes bursts.

Here are some sample of the topics:


Finding, Hiring and enganging a remote team

It’s not as simple as posting on Indeed or LinkedIn to try and recruit people. Then once you have them, how do you onboard them and help them REALLY feel like they are part of the team. What character and personality traits will you need that are likely to succeed in the remote world.


Keeping everyone on the same page

It’s one thing to micromanage everyone in an office. It’s another thing to have everyone happy, on the same page and proactively taking care of things from around the world. How could it be possible to manage people BETTER than if they were all sitting in the office. The reality is it is possible, and it’s not that hard.


tools and best practices

Had this happen before?

  • A billion Slack messages to follow up and read

  • Your Github issues are piling up and you have no idea which ones to work on next

  • Your Google Drive docs have no organization and your team can’t find the stuff they need.

I’ve developed best practices to everyone knows what goes where and waste time and stay focused. I’ll help you get there.

Jevin has a very strong technical background, which allows him to understand and handle design or implementation-related issues arising during the software development process. With his leadership, I was able to focus on programming activities, and be extremely productive as a developer.
— Kuba Kuzma (Has worked remotely with Jevin for 5 years)
Jevin is a teacher at heart, he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and he gets his kicks from building elegant solutions to interesting problems.
— Colin Belyea