Our Policy on NDAs

Note: This policy has been borrowed from my friend Benjamin Borowski

Welcome! If you’ve reached this page, it’s probably because you’ve asked me to potentially consult with you. Awesome! Likely, you want to tell us about this amazing idea you have and figure out how much we would charge you to implement the idea1, but first you want us to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement (or NDA).

To be sure; protecting what you consider your confidential information is a fantastic idea, and we’re happy to sign your NDA (after our respective lawyers review it, of course), but we require you to commit to your idea and to us by investing in one of the following two options:

  1. Pay our NDA and assessment fee ($500)

    • We charge a one-time fee to review your NDA. This covers the cost of a brief attorney review and other associated time.

    • After we’ve covered the NDA, we’re happy to discuss your project with you.

  2. Collaborate with us on a Product Design and Roadmapping Service

    Great, you’ve got a big idea and now you “just need someone to build it.” The bad news: ideas are 1% of product development. Commit to collaborating with us on a Digital Strategy Intensive and I would be happy to sign your NDA. Here’s how it works. Bring us your idea for your product. After scheduling, we’ll work with you to get the entire plan put together so you can crush it with a development team of your choosing (or one we help put together for you)

Why do we do this?

The NDA fee is a commitment on your part to show you’re serious about your idea and that you recognize our time and insight is valuable. You also recognize that execution > ideas as far as product development is concerned. We hear great ideas constantly (many of which are executed superbly already), but when faced with the (cost/resources/timeline) reality of implementing those ideas, many aspiring entrepreneurs run screaming for the hills. Frankly, this fee helps us separate those serious about implementing their ideas from those who simply have ideas.


No sweat! Just hit me up: jevin@quickjack.ca