Work With Jevin

You could spend weeks, months or years trying to launch and grow your next product. Or, we could work together instead to grow your revenue faster.


Product Design

Product Design and Technical Roadmap | $12,500

You have no idea how to build an app and you’re overwhelmed by the thought of technology. Instead of going directly to an agency save yourself at least $20,000 by designing it with an expert first.

Beta Business | $4,000

You’ve been sitting on an idea for a long time and it's time to make the leap and you need an experienced partner. We do a lightweight design sprint to actually sell something quick and dirty to get your first sale in 5 days.

Technical Advisory

Fractional CTO | $5,000 / month

Non-technical founders often feel stuck that they can't move forward because they don't have a technical cofounder. I can help you push off that requirement until you have real traction. As your fractional CTO, you have me as a trusted resourceyou can reach out to me at any time to help you move faster.

Launch in Four Weeks | $10,500

Without strong technical leadership, it can take a long time to develop and deploy anything. I will get you on track and support you in getting your product out in as short as four weeks.

Growing Companies

Remote Team Shift | $40,000/3 months

After three months, you have executed 20 person pilot program and a proven process for rolling out across the whole org. You’ll achieve lower overhead, happier employees, and better productivity.

Start Innovating Again | $55,000/2 months

They have a core product that is doing well. They want to build new products to accelerate the growth with their existing customers and/or getting more investment. They don't have the internal capacity to do this, want to outsource part of it but manage the launch internally. We'll get you back to disruptor status and your competitors will be scared of you again.