Work With Jevin

I’ve launched over 20 products in the past 8 years. I would be happy to help you do the same. I have a variety of pre-packaged was to engage. If you have some other ideas, just hit me up! I’m always up to chat about your projects.

Product Design and Roadmapping

If you are between idea and pre-product, this will get you on the right track to start delivering the first version of your MVP within a few weeks.

“UnStuck” your Development

You’ve been working on a product for a long time but it never seems to get done or you’re embarrassed to release it publically.

I’ll jump in, figure out where things are blocked, change up the teams (if needed), cut the product into small phases and get things out ASAP.

Going Remote

Having a hard time hiring and want to hiring the best in the world? I’ve done this for the past 10 years and I can do it for you.